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Last year i went to ibiza and booked my flights with Connections. The flight itself was fine however, the admin with connections was terrible.
we were told we would be leaving saturday morning at 00:10, they actually meant Sunday morning at 00:10! so we ended up at evissa airport having simply to turn back and go back to SPACE ! LOL!
kk it was a nice surprise but we did have to spend more money on taxi's , accomodation and going out.
when we returned to BXL we put in a complaint which was not dealt with until we got very pushy.
Connections - you get what you pay for !!... meer lezen


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Agence de voyage qui offre les prix les plus bas, il y en un peu partout en Belgique, grande promo pdt tout le mois de janvier, je passe par eux les voyages long courrier, service impeccable à l'agence schuman... meer lezen


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