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Près de Hairy Canary

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Hairy Canary

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Donnez votre avis sur Hairy Canary

Donnez votre avis sur Hairy Canary
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Very bad service, barman not smiling, very impolite and does not give the change correctly, then embarrasses you in front of other clients.
You should not go there, unless the owner of the Hairy Canary finally decides to sack his barman (15/11/2013 evening) as he should not be doing this sort of job. Quite a strange environment !... en lire plus


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Nice place, good to chill out. Barman was really rude though - really, there's no need!... en lire plus


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I went here on a Saturday night and was not disappointed. There is a terrace outside for those warmer summer evenings and there is plenty of space inside to have a nice drink with your friends. The place has a distinct expat feel, so don't come here if you are expecting an authentic Belgian crowd.

It is located in the Schuman area near the Commission and the European Parliament, so if you are touring it certainly wouldn't hurt to check the place out.

... en lire plus


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The "Hairy" is a nice little pub in the heart of Europe. Located just behind the european commission you will often find fonctionnaires drinking our tax money away!
A nice place if you want a quiet drink with some friends. The decor is that of an english/irish pub, ie nice coaches, red walls, could almost be a living room.
A special mention to the bar staff who are very efficient, helpful and welcoming.
all in all, a nice place to relax and have a guiness!... en lire plus


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