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Hoofdstedelijke Openbare Bibliotheek
Hoofdstedelijke Openbare BibliotheekHoofdstedelijke Openbare Bibliotheek    

Près de Hoofdstedelijke Openbare Bibliotheek

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Hoofdstedelijke Openbare Bibliotheek

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The Hoofdstedelijke Openbare Bibliotheek is just on the square de la Monnaie (Muntplein). It's huge! it has 3 different levels full of books, cd and dvds. The book section is the largest almost everything is in Dutch except for a few sections in different languages. As for the cds, you'll find them at the first level you also have a very big choice. The only not so great section is the dvd one... you don't get a very large quantity of dvds and not too well organised. You can spend a long time searching for the one you want and in the end not find it at all... However the good thing is that they are almost all in original version and you can rent them for a week and only for one euro.
Oh yeah: books are free and you can borrow them for 3 weeks!
If you give a book back too late you have to pay something like 3 cents per day. So don't worry unless you forget to bring a book back for over a month you wont go over the euro :-)!
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